You will get the best & fastest printing that the latest technology can deliver Breaking News! Styleart’s brand new MGI digital press delivers high resolution printing in record time at reasonable prices.


How do we do it? Since its inception Styleart Design has used up-to-date printing machines. As the advertising industry becomes more competitive so has the need for speed, quality and versatility. This is our niche. The formula for our success is customer service married to the latest technology.

Check out our current range of printing services: Syria’s first MGI digital press demonstrates the flair and attention to quality that the French pride themselves on.


The latest digital graphics deliver high resolution with speed. As well as all qualities of paper, it prints plastics and various thicknesses of carton. All this is complemented by fast and accurate cutting, folding, stapling or perforating. Your posters will be printed on the latest machines: For indoor posters we have Kodak 1200 (6 color), HP Z6100 (8 color) and HP Z 3100 (12 color) machines. For outdoor posters we have the new HP L25500 latex technique with a four years guarantee for the color.


It can print on vinyl elastic for curved surfaces like cars, as well as on fabric and flex. For multiple copies of A3, A3T and A4 we have speedy laser printers. For logos and lettering we have the Belgian-made Summa Cutter. You are no longer restricted to paper, card or plastic. Now printing can be merged onto foam, plexi, glass and even wood up to 150 cm in width on the GMP Excelam - 1670RS.